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Bedford & Pearce Management Pty. Ltd. is one of Australia's longest running and trusted talent management agencies.  Martin Bedford founded the agency over 45 years ago to provide a high level of professional representation to Australian artists for work in the entertainment industry, both locally and internationally.  Bedford & Pearce Management Pty. Ltd. has established and managed some of Australia's leading names in film, television and theatre.  We pride ourselves in offering bespoke representation to our clients and a high level of service to the entertainment industry.   


Martin Bedford

Martin started his career in television in England during the 1960's, working in publicity and promotions for Southern Independent Television. He immigrated to Australia in the mid 1960's and completed studies at AFTRS and was soon employed in television production working for both the Seven and Nine Networks.  During this time he started also representing television personalities and actors. It wasn't long before Martin had established an impressive list of clients.  Martin went on to establish his first agency which then became Bedford & Pearce Management Pty. Ltd. in the late 1970's. The agency continued to grow and evolve representing some of the countries foremost names in entertainment. With Martin's guidance, love of performers and over 50 years experience managing the careers of some of Australia's leading actors,  Bedford & Pearce Management Pty. Ltd. continues be a leader in the Australian entertainment industry.  

Anil Tiwari 

Anil first started at Bedford & Pearce Management Pty. Ltd. in our accounts department with his role quickly growing to include the duties of an Agent. He joined us 12 years ago after completing a Masters Degree in Accounting at Macquarie University. Over the years Anil has worked with our clients on countless projects including, film, television, theatre and advertising. Along with his duties as an agent and finance manager, Anil is also in charge of our operations, keeping us up and running day to day.

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