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Brionny Fagan

(Age Range 25 - 35) 

Australian actress Brionny Fagan, was born in Brisbane, Australia. During her childhood, Brionny expressed interest in musical theatre, studying singing, acting and dancing at the Fame Talent Agency.


In 2005, Brionny temporarily left Australia and moved to London to study musical theatre at the London School of Musical Theatre.


Graduating with honours, she returned to Australia and played leading roles in musicals such as Nasty Piece of Work (2008) Little Shop of Horrors (2009), What a Shock N Shame (2010) before turning her sights to screen acting.


2010 and 2011 would have Brionny playing bit parts in several television shows, including Deadly Women (2008) (2010), Deadly Women: In Cold Blood (2010) (2011), Balls of Steel Australia (2011) and leading talent roles in various commercials including a McDonalds McOz Campaign (2013) and a Ford Territory Campaign (2014).


Focusing on the big screen, Brionny played roles including Shazza's Mother in Housos vs. Authority (2012), and leading roles in various short films including Choice (2014), Blue Tent (2016), Dodder (2016), and Benny (2016).

Brionny Fagan

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