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Caz Adams



Caz is a versatile and highly skilled Actor who has worked extensively on stage, TV, film and radio.


Excelling in Voice Overs, she has over 20 years solid studio experience.


With an extensive range from soft to hard sell, average mum to authoritative and informative, Caz's warm and natural tones have enhanced a variety of advertising campaigns for TV, radio and online, as well as documentaries, films and corporate videos.


Her many character voices have enriched numerous animated films and she is always ready to deliver a variety of accents, ages and character voices, both for Australia and the international market.


As an Actor, Caz is known for her excellent comedic timing. She also excels in drama with guest roles on TV, include WATER RATS, HOME AND AWAY, G.P. and SPELLBINDER.


She played a Cockney bride in a 3-hander with Britain's, THE TWO RONNIES and was taken to England to perform in the stage version of TV sitcom, GEORGE AND MILDRED.


As well as acting in films, Caz has provided voices for Australian movies, MULLET and PAWS and has passed on her acting knowledge by teaching Voice Overs at NIDA and Acting for the Camera at Screenwise.


Caz's Voiceover Demo By Track:

Track 1.    - QANTAS

Track 2.    - All Bran Honey Almond

Track 3.    - Freedom Furniture

Track 4.    - Big W

Track 5.    - Sleepbus 

Track 6.    - E-Learning

Track 7.    - Measure Up Campaign

Track 8.    - Panasonic (Corp Video)

Track 9.   -  Rain Forrest (Doco)

Track 10. -  Oz Organics 


Caz Adams

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