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Susan Boyd

Susan Boyd is a professional, talented and committed actor who consistently undertakes classes to continue to explore her technique and artistry to perfect her craft.  Susan has gained extensive experience performing in a variety of roles on television, television commercials, a supporting role in a feature film, corporate and educational videos  including short films that she does to  support the future of upcoming Australian film makers and it also provides an opportunity to gain ongoing experience.


Susan has the ability to access a raw and deep sense of herself and bring it to the screen, she has this soft vulnerable side, but there is this strength; she is chameleon like and can play a diverse range of characters, whether she is playing a loving mum, an authoritarian figure or a  battler, she brings a depth and honesty to each and every performance making her work authentic and moving.


With her Elizabeth Taylor looks, and natural ability to capture the true essence of a character, Susan is definitely one to watch.

Susan Boyd

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